Motorcycle Tyres at JS Gedge

Get your bike equipped with some new "shoes" and ready for the ride, whether it's the track or the open road. Your tyres are important when setting the tone for your ride, a good grip is crucial to your safety and confidence on the road. Luckily for you, we're a plus dealer for both Pirelli and Metzeler tyres, so you can get yourself ready to ride with pure confidence, owning the road wherever you ride.

It's as easy as getting in touch with our team, letting us know what you ride and we can sort you some for size and get you booked in for a fitting as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you're a tinkerer yourself, we can just supply the tyres for you to fit.

A good tyre is critical to your performance, take for example MotoGP. Each bike is equipped with class-leading tyres, that are warmed before use for safety. A warm tyre provides a soft, glue-like grip to the racetrack, which is why most races begin with a tyre-warming session. Their confidence lies heavily in the equipment they use, and knowing their limits starts and knowing the performance of their tyres, suspension and engine.

There's many factors; grip, flexibility, the contact patch, width, tread pattern, toughness. They all play into the result and conditions that your tyre is going to be used in. We have a range of adaptive tyres, built to tackle any conditions. 

Known to most sport riders, it's the Pirelli Diablo Rossi tyres. They're race performance built into a road legal tyre, heavily developed and inspired by the World Superbike Championship. Bringing unprecedented handling for your sporty-ride. Their wide profile gives them extra grip and strength to strive for higher speed and more agility.

Got a big-busting adventure bike? We recommend the Metzeler Tourance tyre, built for those street-carving adventure bikes and dual-sport motorcycles. Bringing out a strong structure to enhance your stability and bring a smoother, more straight-forward ride.

Regardless of what you ride, where you ride and the conditions you ride in - we can get you equipped and ready for the road. Get in touch with out team today and we'll get you sorted. You can either click here to enquire, or pop-in to one of our showrooms. Our team are happy to help you out with any queries, questions and orders.

Motorcycle Tyres at JS Gedge