Honda Service Plans

Stay prepared and ready with our Honda Service Plans, letting you plan ahead for your motorcycle's scheduled services. We've got three available fixed price bands, making it simple and and clear what you need to stay ahead. If you didn't know, we have a fully kitted workshop which is operated by factory trained technicians that give your bike the best possible service, based off of their years of experience.

Fixed Price Servicing Plans at JS Gedge
Terms & Conditions

*Terms and conditions with exclusions apply. See full terms and conditions on the Honda website here.

As you see, there's tons of benefits for you as a customer. Interested? Why not get in touch.


One payment
One upfront payment that can be added to the Honda Finance payments if preferred.

No fees
No direct debit or credit card fees.

Today's prices
Protects against inflation with the service costs set at today's prices, therefore reducing the cost of ownership.

No delay
No need to delay servicing due to other financial commitments (as already paid for).

Follows Honda service schedule
The Service Plan follows the Honda Manufacturer's service schedule - exactly the same as 3 separate services would be.

Genuine parts
Only Honda genuine parts are used, keeping your Honda motorcycle a Honda.

Services are carried out by trained technicians using the latest Honda software, tools and equipment.

Resale value
If you decide to sell or upgrade your Honda, the Service Plan stays with the motorcycle, which may improve its resale value.


How long will the Service Plan last?
The Service Plan will be live for 27 months from the date of registration of the motorcycle, or until it has had the first 3 services (including the 600 mile service), whichever comes first.

When can the Service Plan be purchased?
The Service Plan can be purchased up until the motorcycle is 90 days old and has less than 600 miles on the clock.

If I sell the motorcycle what happens to the Service Plan?
The Service Plan stays with the motorcycle and may increase the resale value.

Are there any additional items on the service schedule not covered by the Service Plan?
Items on the service sheet that are replaced at a certain mileage or time interval will be covered by the Service Plan if they are part of the service. An example of this is the Brake Fluid Change.

Does the Service Plan cover additional wear and tear items?
Wear and tear items such as brake pads and discs, chain and sprockets, etc, are not covered by the Service Plan and an additional cost will be incurred should they require replacement.

If the service contains a valve clearance check, does this include adjustments?
The valve clearance check will be part of the service and covered by the Service Plan. However, any additional parts and labour required to adjust the valve clearances (such as buckets and shims, etc), will incur an additional cost.

As you see, there's tons of benefits for you as a customer. Interested? Why not get in touch.