Wed, 12 Feb 2020

Incredible agility meets unbeatable lightweight performance in the new YZF-R3

With a reputation like this, unbelievably high expectations are in place from the first moment of arrival. The YZF-R3 carries a title, proudly conquering an entire generation of lightweight supersport bikes and ensuring its place in history, as a leader. The new 2020 YZF-R3 encapsulates this legacy and instead of framing it as a moment of the past, it builds on it, enhancing the features that made riders fall in love with its big-bike DNA in the first place.

From the first moment you approach the machine it's clear that the R3 is no mere toy. A sleek body sits gracefully aboard the frame, with a central air intake - mirroring the look of Yamaha's signature YZR-M1 MotoGP machine. Dual LED headlights lead the way with no fear, displaying an intimidating stare and offering confident illumination in any conditions. At its very core, a high-revving sporty 321cc engine offers brilliantly thrilling performance and power throughout the gears. Low down, it's accessible and torque-y to allow for easy city navigation while at its peak, boundless speed waits for you to uncover it.

Once you're seated, it's clear. At the helm, a crystal-clear LCD display offers precise and easy to read information at a glance. Comfortably handling each bump and shift in the road, 37mm KYB inverted front forks keep the ride stable and smooth, while at the wheel, a powerful ABS braking system is at play ensuring that the rider is safe, even when you're hard on the brakes.

The fantastic accessibility of this ride goes far beyond a spec sheet and many riders may find it to be their ideal next ride, even as a riding veteran. When the times call for something lightweight, still offering that thrilling fun, the R3 lies in wait. New riders can also find their home aboard it though, with only an A2 licence being necessary to access its supersport performance. 

If you're looking to change the way you ride for 2020, the new YZF-R3 could be the perfect balance you've been looking for. Why not take a look at the bike on our website here, to see the full technical specification and the available colours. If you're already interested, why not get in touch with our team today to discuss your options and begin securing your new ride?