Motorcycle Training In the South East

Get your CBT sorted

Here at JS Gedge we have been bike training since 1960 making us the oldest training scheme in England.

Stage 1


1. Overview

Subject to a licensing change in 2001, it is now a legal requirement to complete a CBT before you can ride on the road. The CBT - Compulsory Basic Training - is a day course that covers basic theory aspects, and practical aspects within an enclosed safe environment. Once you have completed this section of the course you will be taken out on to the road to complete the 'Road ride'. Only then, once the instructor has deemed you to be of a satisfactory standard, will you be certified to ride a motorcycle or scooter, up to a capacity of 125cc, on the road.

The CBT lasts for two years, in which time you can move on to further training if you wish. At the end of this two year period, if you wish to continue riding on the road, you must legally complete another CBT.

2. Cost

The current charge for a CBT is £135 which includes: the hire of a moped or 125cc motorcycle; and all of the equipment needed to complete the course. This can be booked in conjunction with either a bike deal or if you are doing your full test with us. If you're rebooking for a renewal, the cost of your CBT will only be £100. A renewal is classed as a repeat booking with ourseleves on the same type of vehicle (auto/manual) i.e (you did the previous CBT with us)

We also offer a Starter Pack that consists of a Helmet, Motorcycle Jacket and Gloves This can be purchased at any of our three branches, for £195.

Stage 2

Theory Test

Practice your theory test by clicking here

Stage 3

Practical Test JS Gedge conduct 5 levels of practical tests covering all license options:

  • Am Mopeds (50cc or less)
  • A1 Light Motorcycle (Up to 125cc not exceeding 11kW)
  • A2 Motorcycle (medium motorcycles up to 35kW)
  • Category A Motorcycle - unlimited in size and power (age 21 to 23 if A2 completed)
  • Category A Motorcycle (DAS) - unlimited in size and power (age 24 or over)

Advanced Rider Scheme

Enhanced Rider Scheme - 01424 423520 Prices from £250

The enjoyment gained from riding a motorcycle skilfully and safely is second to none but it takes confidence, excellent riding skills, physical coordination and balance. Keeping your skills up to date and checking that we have not become over confident, complacent or have picked up some bad or dangerous habits is something that few of us do.

The DSA, in conjunction with the motorcycle industry, have devised a new package of training known as the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). The scheme is intended to benefit all bike riders who have a full motorcycle licence, irrespective to the size of bike, or the experience level of the rider. You will not need to take a test or even any training if your skills are assessed as satisfactory. You will also earn discounts on your insurance as a result. Bike riders can visit SortedRide, an approved and accredited trainer, for an assessment of their riding skills. If no significant areas of weakness are found, JS Gedge issues a certificate to that effect.

Any rider issued with a certificate is then in line for an insurance discount from one of the many insurers who have signed up to support the scheme. If there are areas that would benefit from further training, the rider would qualify for their certificate after successfully completing the recommended training. By undertaking an assessment of your riding ability, JS Gedge can tailor a development programme to suit your individual needs via a combination of practical and theoretical learning. Many of the leading motorcycle insurers have signed up to this scheme and are prepared to offer substantial discounts to riders who can show they can ride to the ERS standard.

The insurers sponsoring the scheme are:
AA Ins, Bennett's Ins, Bikesure, Carole Nash, Chandler Direct, CIA Ins, Devitt, E Bike, MCE Ins, Motorcycle Direct, Norwich Union Direct and Lexham. The Enhanced Rider Bonus is supported by the following underwriters: AIG, AXA, Chaucer Ins, Equity Red Star, Groupama, Hastings Direct, Highway, KGM, Link/ Zenith, NIG, Norwich Union and Royal & Sun Alliance.
(price subject to assessment lesson)