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Business & Fleet

The Honda Difference – Thrive for optimum efficiency

Honda is the UK's only motorcycle fleet dealer network, offering businesses the opportunity to add Honda motorcycles to their company fleet. Renowned for their bike build quality, Honda bikes offer reliability, innovative engineering, competitive prices along with fantastic fuel economy and tax efficiency.

If your business requires travelling from A to B quickly and economically, then this solution is for you.

Maximise Productivity

Many factors can influence how long it takes you getting somewhere. Roadworks, rush hours and congestion. Whilst slowing you down, there's not much you can do, in turn affecting the efficiency and output of your business.

A perfect solution can be to invest in a motorcycle, allowing you to bypass traffic and take advantage of bus lanes, ensuring maximum productivity and significant time savings.

Reduce running costs

All companies will benefit from lower purchase price or leasing costs. Add to that cheaper road taxes, exemption from congestion charges, most toll fee's and parking costs along with significant fuel savings - and you're left with a cost-effective fleet solution.

Don’t take our word for the savings Honda can make for your business. Find out how DWS Automotive transformed their transport costs

Start reaping the benefits!

£17 VED

Vehicle Excise Duty has the potential to be as low as £17 p.a. - £110 p.a. saving in comparison to a typical hatchback.

Free Parking

Did you know that parking is free for motorcyclists? Saving you £1,200 per vehicle, based on an annual city centre car park season ticket

LCC Exemption

Motorcycles are exempt from the London Congestion Charge & Dartford Crossing Toll – Amounting to an annual saving of up to £2,990 & £520 respectively.


Impressive fuel economy with the highly efficient 4-stroke engines, using finely tuned injection technology. Achieve 151.1 mpg with the CB125 for example!


Achieve company CO2 fleet targets with Honda motorcycles. Our Vision 110 scooter emits only 44.6g/km in comparison to the average fleet car which produces 138-145g/km!

Eight out of top ten

It’s essential for fleet vehicles to be on the road all of the time. In a reliability survey conducted by the bike paper MCN, Honda came out on top as the most reliable; with eight out of the top ten bikes.

ROI value

The migration of used motorcycles to Europe due to exchange rates is driving residual values up. So when it comes to renewing your Honda, you’re likely to get a favourable return price and benefit from low life-costs.

20% BIK

Significantly lower Benefit in Kind implications as motorcycles are only taxed on 20% of their On The Road value (minus first registration fee), rather than on CO2 output.